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Posted by DaPunishmentRejecter - November 20th, 2012

I haven't been on Newground in a long time. So I decided to post some Demos to the audio portal. 1st Fighting Beyond (Demo) it's Dubstep loop tryout and the 2nd one is Raving On (Demo) it's a rave genre or techno genre. I'll be making more loops since I'll be playing around with the new MIxcraft 6.

Posted by DaPunishmentRejecter - October 16th, 2011

So You maybe heard that I'm Supporting DC Music here, yes I am. Well I'm making a DC Movement on NG Only.And Officially it's A group.
If You Wanna Join this Movement just send me a message My email

Songs: DC Opening -Don't Wanna Lie By B'z (J-Rock)
Detective Conan
If you Like these songs then Rate 'em and Fave 'em

~Lil Langstiee (President Of DC Movement Group)

DC Movement

Posted by DaPunishmentRejecter - July 29th, 2011

I've Already got Jason Tyme Records but recently I Got This new Record label Zamin' Master Records"
His known for the mp3. name file in ZaMaster.
His name is Zachary Lucas Jr

In The Song 8 Bit Slam ,The Mp3 File ZaMaster_8bitslam you can tell I'm His new musician for now under is Record Deal.

The Lil Langstiee Loyalty

Posted by DaPunishmentRejecter - May 1st, 2011

Sleepy Like always but Im'a makin' more music as ever so please listen to them.I will Thank you

~Best Regards from Lil Langstiee

More And More

Posted by DaPunishmentRejecter - March 22nd, 2011

I Might leave and go to Deviantart or youtube.I am going to be working on High School Work And also start working on DBZ drawings


Posted by DaPunishmentRejecter - November 26th, 2010

Hey everybody it's me again. The first thing I wanted to say is what's up ,how are you guys? I haven't been postin' alot of journals but I've been making music.

New Albums
First One The Way I Did
Second One Lovers quarrel (Still Pending For the name)
Third One Still Pending
I'll tell you guys When the third album's name comes out
~Da PunishmentRejecter

Posted by DaPunishmentRejecter - September 11th, 2010

A Song From a J-Pop Band So if you love or understand J-Pop Den you can watch diz

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If you want my Email here it is then Ma Gmail